Simply Fashion

I was once asked, “What is my favorite style?” I don’t have one. I say that because I am open to almost all styles. I never want to limit myself within fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Limiting only puts you within a box and I refuse to operate in a box by force. Be free, be open, and live carelessly within the fashion realm.

Fashion is a meaning that is undefined. Fashion has so many meanings that is impossible to live in the define world. I love a great pencil skirt that conforms to you body, A-line dresses, bodycon dresses, maxi dresses, and all dresses are my love, print pants are so cute and fun, so I am over the top with almost all styles, but not

This outfit was inspired for spring all year long. It speaks causal business and fun all wrapped into one. The tri color floral top comes with a drawstring to tighten around the abdominal area to accentuate the waistline. The bottom of the top flows nicely in an oval shape bottom. The arms can be worn long or quarter length to add more fun. The soft fuchsia pencil skirt hugs nicely around my thighs. The skirt comes right above my knee and looks nicely giving off simple, but cute look. I paired it with a black, strap heels to give the outfit a spice. The outfit was very inexpensive. To look good doesn’t have to break the bank.

The great thing about this outfit is that I am able to wear this outfit to almost any event. It is easy to wear and still make you feel great!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!












Outfit: Rainbow Fashion/ Heels: Payless/ Jewelry: Burlington

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