The Power of a Smile

First, let me say, ‘THANK GOD for a PERFECT SMILE!” I don’t’ take my smile for granted, for I counted on JOY!

Well, if you haven’t realized yet that my smile is one of my signature pieces when someone sees me. People have always said, “you’re smile is so gorgeous…!” Of course I smiled and very thankful for the compliment.

Many asked why I smile so much! One, I love to smile! Two, thank God I have teeth to smile! Three, I SMILE because I know situations could be worst, but through God’s grace and mercy I count my blessings that they are beyond great!

IMG_3561The power of the smile is when you’re able to genuinely smile and the person feels your smile. They feel the gratitude and sincere that the smile gives off. Smiling is a way of communicating nonverbal.

I smile naturally! It’s hard to make a frown for me sense I am in a lot of modeling shows and some require me not to smile. The main thing that really keeps a smile on my face are praying, giving, and shopping! I have plethora of things that keeps a smile on my face, but I’ll be here all day typing.

Praying: I smile after my prayers because I know that God has taken care of my problems and will be handle according to His time.

IMG_3538Giving: Naturally I am just a giver. When I have to give the smile explodes through my face. I’ll give and Knowing that sends off a smile to another person naturally.

Shopping: I know it doesn’t seem to correlate with the two above, but it is one of the three that makes me happy. I love to shop alone. I can really take as along as I want. It isn’t just the percentage I get off, but just to know I can is happy. I love shopping for anything, not just clothes just items that are dear to mean: food and more!

IMG_3544The clothing I am wearing is denim on denim. The top is your typical button down, collar top that can be worn with many clothing of choice. The top has attachable buttons inside the arms to make the length quarter-length long. The distress jeans are form-fitted that hugs nicely. The heels are a Rose color and really are a statement piece. I kept the accessories to a minimal and added an animal cheetah print scarf for a pop of color.

Go out and smile and see how you change someone’s attitude by just smiling!








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