Simple Switch One

I know I am not alone when it comes to wanting to get more out of your clothes/closet! NO, I know I am not alone…amen! I have many outfits I can switch from church, to corporate or to events to work. Either way I will want to switch with no problem. I like to switch because it gives you different feel and something different without spending so much money!

When shopping for clothes I try to look for outfits that allow me to switch with different clothing that will mesh and for the seasons. We all know it takes a while for seasons to really go full throttle and we can’t let go of our favorite clothing.

I like to share my tips on how to look for that clothing that can be versatile in any almost all seasons without looking crazy or bringing shame to you! Here we go…!

  1. Body Con Dresses: When purchasing a dress try to imagine if it can be worn to more than one sectors of life, for example, work or church, or corporate event(s) or date! Dresses can save a lot of time when wanting to put more emphasis on make-up or just relaxing. Looking for body cons are easy, they can be worn with an A-line skirt, flare skirt, or pencil skirt that will give a different look. During the season you can wear that dress/skirt with a hat, scarf, beret, or blazer to give you a nice fashionably look.
  2. Straight Line Dresses: Dresses that can be worn alone or with leggings. These types of dresses will look especially great with en worn with booties, leggings and boots for the winter. Dress can be worn alone with a pair of flats or nice sandals for the summer. During the fall, a great pair of booties and a wrap scarf and huge bag will set the dress off nice. Almost any print will work
  3. Solid Color Dresses: Solid color dresses are famous to be worn with so many different accessories, scars, blazers, or vest. Sometimes when adding different flare you’ll be amazed at what you can add and how corky an outfit looks. Sometimes those are the ones that get people attention asking where and how you did it!

Next time when you’re looking for that outfit, think on how you can switch it up. Learning to mix and match isn’t a bad thing. Practice makes perfect, so be daring and get out their and change. You’ll be happy you did!

















Bag: Local Consignment Shop

Shoes: Red Pumps

Dress: Jean Dress

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