Uncommon Patterns

Happy New Year! I say, “Happppyyy New Yearrrr!” I must say that the year has started off well! People have asked how I am doing and later in the month I will be talking more about my surgery and why I had to go under the knife! Starting the year off well couldn’t get any better and greater!

Too many times we live in someone’s eyes and at times that person really isn’t caring what we think or do! We put too many people on pedestal stools that do not have any say in our lives. We give power where power needs not to exist. It’s time to take your life and mine back!

Well, of course I do not live life in such, but I can be my own cheerleader as well as my own doubter. Too many times I let my own thoughts and doubts hold me back from things that I can achieve, but doubt sets in, situation starts to become analytic, and I am at odds with…me!

This year will be a year of change and “oh my…!” Time to allow failures to add up to success! Let that sit in…!

I wanted to open my first blog with a change of uncommon and unbothered style and looks. Many times we fight ourselves not to wear “uncommon” patterns because we care what people have to say or think. To HELL with that! I say wear what you want, because in reality their opinions will rise, but eventually fade and you will still be you! So dare to wear what your figures desires!

I have the chance to wearing this beautiful Eloqui dress, yes dress! This dress is a well form fitted dress that hugs nicely around the waistline! The dress really gives you definition around the waist and flares out nicely. Now, lets talk about the two very different patterns. The black and white top of the dress has an ebony  bow tie around the neckline. The pattern, if you look closely is little black puppies that prance around the breast! Below the skirt has this abstract, multi-color, pleated style! The skirt flares out nicely. The dress comes with a lining, so need for a “slip”! I am wearing a size 18, but if your chest cautious I will size up. Dresses and shoes are below!

This dress is a statement piece for almost any occasion!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 
















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