Holiday Print

WOW! Where has the year gone! I must say it has been a fulfilling year and prosperous year of fun and enjoyment. I love looking towards the holiday because it is a time of fun, fellowship with family and friends, and eating food that you can only and wanting to indulge in once a year. Let us not forget the fun of fashion of how so many people dress to impress and put their best foot forward when looking “glam and ready” for the holiday parties and events.

This is a time of fun where you get to choose the outfit that makes you look slim, glamour than usual, sparkles, or just a holiday color dress to make you feel great! With this look I chose to keep it cute and out of the norm. The animal print top body suit is from Fashion to Figure. The top is see through, but tasteful. It snugs well it look likes a turtle neck that fits nicely around the neck without the tugging and pulling. I paired it with an A-line burgundy, scuba skirt. The skirt perfectly falls below my knee and is very comfy.

So don’t be afraid to wear prints, non-traditional colors, or outfits that don’t fit the every holiday status. It is your fashion! Dress to impress in style!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 





















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