Glam LBD


This year has been a great year thus far! I have had many successes, many ups and downs, many “not yet,” BUT over all I have learned from them all whether bad or good! I wanted to showcase a few holiday looks throughout the holiday season to encouragement many that it doesn’t cost much to look great. It a is all how you put it together and sometimes when we think wrong, God shows that our look is on point, inspiring, and motivation for next person!

Well, I wanted to showcase this my favorite holiday glam part three because this look is very unique and versatile. The dress is a bodycon and can be worn to many after nine events…hint! The dress silhouettes the body perfectly. The top of is embroidery very well. It is a see-thru top that showcases the skin, but covers very well if wanting to wear to more of conservative place and /or event. The double bell arms hang wide giving the arms much air room to still look sophisticated and daring. The dress has a lot of stretch and hangs nicely above the legs.

Now we know when this dress will not work for all occasion because of its sexiness, but have no fear you can add a skirt, kimono, or even pair of jeans. Since it comes in black it will almost fit with any other patterns of bottoms or cover-ups. The dress clings tightly, but not in a snagging way. I paired it with an A-line, open-flow skirt that similar to a tu-tu but not quite. I love the bottom is a shear, with a lining inside and flares out nicely to give that “vintage” look.

I hope this outfit inspires to look your best this holiday season at a low cost. Happy Holiday and please show case your holiday looks!!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 
















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