Colors Of Fall

WOW! It was just yesterday that I was screaming for fall and it is almost over. In three weeks to be exact. The fall leaves seems like they just arriving and already to make a grand departure only to return three seasons from now. The beauty of the fall is so remarkably stunning, bright, and cheerful.

When passing through many streets in the Washington, DC area is like strolling down a street with bright and colorful lights on Christmas day. I don’t want the fall leaves to leave, but everything has it’s time.

When presenting a picture, I love it when the background speaks for the picture and causing me to say less about the picture.

Designers are getting bravery and more daring for the fall season. Designers say, instead of your typical big sweaters and large booties, let’s show off the arms, edgy and distressed jeans of all colors,  and open toe booties, slimmer and cute booties. What a change for the curvy woman.

I am wearing Fashion to Figure off the shoulder American colors plaid top. The top has elastic across the chest and is perfectly outline across the neck area. The top glares out a little still giving you that curvy-girl look. must wear a great bra that will enhance the top even more.

I paired it with Lane Bryant dark blue jeans that fit so swell and nice. Lane Bryant jeans is a must have for the years to come. The jeans do not bulky in the front, nor give a saggy look at the top or bottom of the ankles. The jeans are soft and have the thighs poppin’ very well.

The outfit is worn with tan booties. I would wear high boots next time to give off that extra sexiness!

This outfit is perfect for any outdoor activity, date with the one, or just hanging out. I must say the outfit is comfortable, too!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 
















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