Every girl, which I almost can say, every girl likes to dress very dainty, delicate, and daring! The look that a female carries is her signature, her stance, her weapon of silent destruction is very important to the world. When choosing a look we want to look dainty, but fierce and slay all wrapped into one.

I must say that the dresses from Eloquii are remarkably stunning and will have everyone speaking. I mean when I want to buy an Eloquii dress I have to be very selective because I will surely buy all the dresses if I can, but life has to be paid!

The details about this dress are so well put together. The drawstring necktie drapes the neck very well and it isn’t so bulked. The drawstring makes a perfect tie that hangs perfect in the chest area. The colors on the dress compliment one another very well and the parallel, circular strips are design well. When putting the dress over your head the black strip line knows how to accentuate your curves, make your “girls” perk very well, and flares out on the bottom to give that queen feel! The dress has an easy flow when walking giving that dainty, elegant, and powerful look. It is very care free and wouldn’t require much pulling. You’re a winner when geting this dress!

This dress is perfect for almost any occasion. You will not be disappointed when wearing this dress!

Today is black Friday, so enjoy the major discounts and hurry because this dress will sell out…quickly! Happy Shopping!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

Photos by: Crystal A. Brooks
















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