Fall Beats

Thanksgiving is here and wearing that special outfit can sometimes be a dragged! Well, I have to admit when wearing that “special outfit” people sometimes are not really looking and if so, it is because they haven’t heard or seen you in awhile. Sometimes that “re-first impression” is a great “re-first impression!”.

Well, for this holiday season I tend to switch it up a bit with a holiday twist. Now we all know that Eloquii is a place for corporate wear, going out with bae, or hanging out with your girls’ kind of looks. Let’s throw out the dainty look and add some fall beats that really won’t match the “typical” thanksgiving look!

I am wearing all Eloquii  !The olive green, cameo jacket that is a nice fit. It has nice size-pockets, not so tight at the wrist, and is very roomy to keep you warm and looking stylish. The cameo jacket can be worn with a bodycon dress to add that more street look and switch of chic on the jacket. I paired it with a floral, long button down sleeve top that has a strip bow tie at the neckline. The printed top is very versatile that it too can be dressed up with a black pleated skirt or any bottom of choice. I kept with some distressed, boyfriend jeans that are so comfortable and perfect for the fall weather. It clings perfectly at around the thighs giving legs room to move and the style is flawless for curvy girls like myself. I added the look of some Payless red sneakers to kick the outfit into full gear with its bright and sporty look.

Remember you want your wardrobe to be very versatile and use for many events and Eloquii offers that look and more! Happy Turkey Day and great shopping

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

Photos by: Crystal A. Brooks














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