Fashion Farm

Who would of thought this city slicker will be farming and fashioning at the same time! Who would have thought! Well, I love the out doors, well, let me say freedom. I am not an adventurous type person, but I will “try” something once and if I like it then I’ll try it again!

Going to the farm on this typical day was a great cloudy and brisk day! Apparently, you cannot see “THEM”, but there were bugs everywhere and I tried hard to fight the little creatures off. I was swaying, swooshing, flapping, and everything I could to stay bug free. Yes, I could have brought a bug repellant, but heck we are in fall and the weather was cool who would of thought they would have been out. I was praying to God please don’t let these things be inside my braids or land in my mouth. I am truly a “city slicker” I wanted to take pictures in the sunflower fields, and yes, you you’re right bees everywhere. I manage to stay calm and get some good pictures, but life itself was hard. Remember I said it was a cool, brisk day, but heck I was sweating like I did two miles on a treadmill. I was breathing and standing in place like I should have done “Fab, Fit, and Farming” shoot!

This farm ensemble is perfect for farming outdoors. The hoodie olive top is very thin, but is perfect for cool days and sure to keep the bugs away. I added the fur because vest that is perfect for in and outdoors and to match the ‘fashionista” that I am. I wore dark blue, skinny jeans with a little ash in front and love bootie to match. This outfit is perfect with bae or friends. Now the fall season is in farming activities are in and fun! If you haven’t been to a farm I beg you to go and you won’t be disappointed! Happy Farming!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 









When the bugs wouldn’t allow you to be GREAT and FAB!



IMG_1029God’s creation is alluring!

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