A Blue Fall

When we think of fall we think of cool days, cozy booties for our feet, beautiful sweaters and cape that clothe our bodies nice and warm, BUT with the days being so warm, its impossible to wear such outfits.

Lets change the game of clothing. Well, I am a person who loves color no matter what the season is, ill wear whatever.

This beautiful ensemble that is put together is your scream “oh baby” outfit! I am wearing this thin, blue line strip crop top from Rainbow . This top is very light and hugs nicely around my tummy area. The arms give you that salsa feel with its ruffles that plumps nicely around the arms. The top comes with a bow that lays nicely to my knee to add flare to the outfit.

I wanted to keep this outfit edgy and chic by wearing blue, distressed jeans that fit nicely around my thighs and tummy area. I am wearing jean pumps that help make this outfit sweet and daring.

Just because its fall doesn’t mean we have to play by its rule! Be edgy and have fun with your wardrobe

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

Photos by: Crystal A. Brooks












Never be afraid to dress out of the box!

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