Nice Will Always Do

Who doesn’t like a great graphic-T that speaks for its self? Generally, for the most part…I DO! Your attitude is a key factor in your life when dealing people.

A little about me I am a calm person, a person who loves to be happy and try to handle all situations with great intentions and best reasoning. I try to learn from my mistakes or wrongful situations. I am usually the life of the party, who likes to have fun, but will debate you down in almost subject of life! Bring it on!

When I see graphic-tees that speak volume, I normally will buy it or ask bae to get it! Laughing as I type. This crimson, white written graphic-T from Old Navy it truly speaks who I am. I try to handle things nicely, as the saying goes “you can catch more flies with honey, then with vinegar…” well, I like to approach things in this matter. When you’re attitude shapes whom are you, people tend to deal with you accordingly.

I wanted to match this sweater with a collegiate look. I dressed it up with a white button down top that flares out on the bottom. I wore distressed, grey jeans with an animal print heel to give it that fashion look! You can play with it any way. Remember attitude is everything!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

Photos by: Crystal A. Brooks










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