Fall vs. Heat

Well, the fall season is in full effect, but why in the world it stills feel like summer! Please explain to this to me! When summer had its chance it was cool and felt nice, now its falls turn summer just won’t let go! Screaming for the cool air or lighten up on the summer heat!

As bad as I want to wear fall clothes, heat just won’t let me. I’ve decided to wear this strip dress from Burlington that works well during the summer and fall season. The colors on the dress are earth-toned, it’s a little short, but if wanted to wear if the fall breeze you can wear a nude tights. This is an easy

dress to wear, especially when wanting to wear something quick for brunch or hanging out with friends. I paired it with a jean jacket to incorporate the fall look, but as you can see the humanity was on high! A sistah was screaming through takes. I kept the shoes simple. I work fatigue flats that with a brown bow tied across the top that went perfect with the dress. Simplicity is the key! Happy fall wearing! Link below on outfit!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 

Crystal City-082

Crystal City-063

Crystal City-087

Crystal City-080

Crystal City-065

Crystal City-068


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