First of Fall

Fall couldn’t feel any better this year and I say it sarcastically! It is officially fall, but the feeling outside says otherwise if you’re living in the north. I wanted to wait till it feels like fall, but apparently that wasn’t going to happen no time soon, so why not indulge in “fall heat!”Crystal City-048

I love the feel of boots, booties, and high-heel boots for some reason they cling perfectly to my feet or ankle giving an alluring fashion look.

Of course I’ll be rocking more fall looks, but my first fall look of year is simple. I went with a fall floral printed, high-low top from Ross. The top is thin, but if needed to keep warm I paired it with an orange scarf that splits at the end to brighten the top. I’ve wanted to be denim out, so I rocked one of my favorite jean jacket thats spells fall! I’m wearing skinny last year jeans with brown boots that I purchased from a boutique in town. There are many stores that carry awesome booties for wide and narrow feet at a low cost. They make fall looks so remarkable stunning! Crystal City-009

The look is simple and didn’t require much. Please do share your favorite fall looks

Crystal City-012

Crystal City-050

Crystal City-027

Crystal City-023

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin  


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