The Recap of Catherines’ Opening

First, let me say that the event was awesome! I was greeted by Jenna, Michaela, and Doug, who works for Catherines and was very caring, amazing and overall helpful! What a team! Photos credit by:Nehal Ismail who captured such an amazing night. Because of her I am able to show such beautiful pictures and how well Catherines showcase such beautiful clothes and an inviting store.20170928_NMI_Catherines_Opening_CapitolHeights-69

Once you walk into the store you feel a glimpse of WOW factor hitting you. Immediately your face turns from left and right just to be amazed of how the store is well put together. The store was filled with bright lights, an awesome runway, and a beautiful staff that was such a delight in wanting to help and more. The store had their stylish, curvy, flare and fit to the left. The style and color speaks work wear and easy transition to happy hour with the girls. When you walk further back you are sure to be flatter by their beautiful intimate wear that sure sparks fun and excitement.

20170928_NMI_Catherines_Opening_CapitolHeights-147 - Copy

Pictured with Vivan and Dani…love these ladies!


I had the opportunity to pick my favorite styles and some alluring accessories!


Could not help to smile! When Catherines makes clothes that looks appealing it is all cheese!


The fitting room was big and roomy where you are able to change without squeezing and feeling cramp. Catherines has really made some bold and stylish look for their fall boots. The booties are cute. They range from open-toed, to ankle high, various colors, and just stylish for any women’s needs. On the right of the store, there you have your denim, outerwear, and fun style looks. Which are my favorites! If you’re looking for a great athletic wear, please note Catherines is well prepared and the colors are very bright and inviting to workout.

I must say, Catherines is no longer your “grandma’s store…!”

I will surely be there again and again! If you are looking for work wear or just hanging out with friends, well Catherines is the store for all curvy women who wants to look beautiful and feel amazing. See you soon! 20170928_NMI_Catherines_Opening_CapitolHeights-3

photos credit by:Nehal Ismail.


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