Guess Whose Coming to the DMV



Wait for it……! YES, we all can scream that Catherines will be in the DMV area this fall in full living color. I have been a fan of Catherine’s for over two years because of their style for all women of curves, their versatile clothing, and the way they dress today’s women with daring looks that goes beyond past and present stigmas!

I, little me, will be hosting their new store opening late September on the 28th and 29th in the Ritchie Station in Capital Heights, MD. I am so excited in seeing so many women who have dreamed of having Catherines in their local community. I’ll be on hand to help with your styling needs for the season, going out with bae, or just wanting to feel great with some awesome under garments.

This store will provide the upcoming fall fashion, accessories that will compliment the simple look to the extravagant look one’s looking for, and the ability to shop for today’s look without the wait. Having the store in the community will not only provide you with the great styling fashion needs, but local workers who are in your area to help you with your styling needs on the go.


What to expect when having a Catherines in your community: The ability to shop at your convince in your community. Share moments with your girlfriends, daughters, and/or friends. The fact of knowing that you have a store at your shopping pleasure right in the DMV area makes shopping on the go amazing.

What do Catherines provide: Catherines provide an array of clothing, various styles, seasonal footwear, and accessories. There are no limitations in fashion or styles that Catherines cannot assist in helping today’s women in corporate looks, brunch appearances, or just going for daily exercise. Catherines also provides active wear for women who love feeling great, but wanting to look great when staying in shape. Catherines provide a collection of pleasant undergarments that suits the curvy women amazingly. Catherines has it all.

What will you gain by having Catherines in your community: You will gain the sense of having someone at Catherines to help you with your styling needs. Having the ability to talk to someone in person about your personal needs on how to accessorize your clothing or how to look for a special event. Just going out knowing that there is Catherines in OUR community and not having to wait for your items(s).

How can you stay within the know of all Catherines amazing deals: It is very easy! You sign up to Catherines email address and be one of the first to get promotion deals, great percentage off clothing, accessories, and shoes, and be part of a curvy family that will always keep you abreast of fashion that is always changing seasonally. The best thing about being part of the Catherines family is that Catherines celebrates you and beyond. Catherines is very active in the community and truly are trailblazers for women’s fashion and women’s rights.

DSC_2043Wow, so excited for this opportunity and knowing that women of all sizes and shapes will have a place to shop outside the Internet. CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU ALL!


Head over to Catherines  today and cant’t wait for our meet-up!






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