Simple Dress for the Summer

I had the privileged to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada this summer and boy was it hot! I knew it was going to be HOT! Friends, family members, and common people have told me in passing that the state during this time can be brutally to one’s health and mind! I am not a “heat” fan! I am originally from Florida, so I know what heat feels and look like, yes look like!

Preparing for this I wanted to make sure that I dress comfortably and fashionably! I spotted this wonderful dress and knew it was a must have. I love the colors, the length, and the feel!

I love assorted color within an outfit, because it gives you the option to mix and match your shoes, jewelry, and handbags. The feel of the stretch isn’t stretchy it’s a rayon, and if needing more room I’ll size up for comfort. The length came to my knee, giving it that perfect length. Looking how to shop fashionably and stay cooling as the summer wines down head over to shops for inexpensive dresses and summer cool! Details below!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin  


The strip of colors give the versatile of having any sandals being worn with great dress. I wanted to wear sandals because of the Las Vegas Strip and heels and close shoes was not going to be a girl’s friend!


Loving the white shades, it gave the dress a pop and stood out!








Dress and Sandals

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