Floral Me Down

!Many who knows, knows I love to travel. I love traveling with style and comfort. When you have to go through TSA and have to remove so many garments it just makes you want to dress half nude! laughing as I type!

I wanted to wear comfy and stylish clothing besides my sweats because I was going to Las Vegas and wanted to be ready to explore and enjoy the scene! Well, I happen to go to the store and make eye contact with these beautiful pants. I went and crab the pants, which was the last size in 3X, I could have sized down, but wanted to fit around the thigh area.

I went to try on the pants and immediately fell in love. I fell in love because the pants are wide leg, has a little fit around the thigh area, but not too tight, and the fashion print is perfect for the season. I paired the pants with a charcoal, tank top. I added a little sliver jewelry to dress up my style. While traveling I received so many compliments and it was easy going through TSA without the hustle and bustle. What is your favorite traveling clothing to travel in? Please do tell! Details below!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin  












Floral Pants

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