Sunny Dress for the Summer

Sundresses are women go to type of “summer” dress! I love the sundresses that can be played up and down.

This Floral dress is a winner! It is a perfect for around the waist. The bust area is perfect with a well put under garments. The spaghetti strap will work well with sports bra to cover the bra. The flow of the dress is very wide and open up like an A-line dress. The floral pattern is perfect for the season. This dress can be worn during fall with a jeans jacket and some brown booties. This dress can universal for three seasons out of four.

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin  

Navy Yard Shoot-372


Navy Yard Shoot-368


Navy Yard Shoot-374


Navy Yard Shoot-383


Navy Yard Shoot-367


Navy Yard Shoot-366


Navy Yard Shoot-388


Navy Yard Shoot-369

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