#ISSAAFATGIRL is a powerful statement, adjective to a curvy girl who is proclaiming her life, her words towards her beauty. Many years the word “fat” has been know to many that is bad, meant to be sad, use to criticize women of more skin, who is more fluffy than someone that is thinner. Well, today #ISSAFATGIRL will be know to many and introduce to others that the word “fat” will no longer be a demeanor of a word, not “phat,” but the correct spelling of “fat”. Remember the word fat is only use to be bad, but when you internalize it for good it is no longer negative!

Today, I am in the movement of changing that movement of making the word “fat” great! I am not saying that “fat” should be use to not to workout or make one’s self-healthy, but embrace the word because it is where we are. Appreciate and utilize the word “fat” for good. Even if you’re a thin it can use for the definition of yourl iking.

Proclaim the word “fat” for good and let it be on notice that it is no longer negative, but what it is “fat” and good

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin  

Philly Shoot-6508


Philly Shoot-6496


Philly Shoot-6487


Philly Shoot-6512


Philly Shoot-6514

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