Curvy in All Right Places

Yes, I am curvy! How would you define the word “curvy”? Webster defines “curvy” as having many curves. Curvy is derived from the word “curves”. Curves give more define wording of what “curvy” means. Let’s take it a little further when we’re explaining a woman body type or using as an adjective.

Yes, I have declared that I am curvy. Curvy has so many meaning then “having many curves.” Curvy means to me that your body has movement. It showcases the definition of clothing when a “curvy” woman is wearing that desire outfit. It’s a human hourglass. Many men and women are intrigue of how the body is not parallel, but gives it shape and power for the eyes to see, hands to feel, and ears to hear it move. Your body has taking on a shape that is describable beautiful and many people love seeing such beauty.

Having curves can be for all body type. In reality no one will see you completely naked, unless you choose that route, so when the body is moving under layers of clothing its another adjective to depict a woman glorious body.

This hash tag t-shirt movement is created by a great blogger-friend who has design this t-shirt. If you’re looking to proclaim this movement head over to her blog and order yours…quickly! Ashley

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin  


Philly Shoot-6656


Philly Shoot-6658


Philly Shoot-6641


Philly Shoot-6659

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