Water Ready

Splish Splash! Time to have some fun! How many times have women says, “I can’t wear a two pieces because I have gotten too fat…!” Said me, “Never!” I believe God made women differently and unique to showcase His beauty in so many ways in human beings.

I love to see women in swimwear because of our curves that give the swimsuit definition and power because of our shape and style of how we wear it.

Yes, as many of want to lose that extra pound(s), but before we know it summer is here and snatched us of our exercising time. Well, have no fear, you’re still beautiful and marvelous they way you are. Now, I am not declining that we shouldn’t workout, but enjoy “you” where you are and eventually you will see growth and be happy!

This lovely two-piece swimsuit was a must have! The reason why it was a must-have, the swimsuit spoke fun, relaxation, and beach ready. It’s floral tricolor print stood out in front of the white. The style of the top is presented like a sports bra to hold up these girls. I would size down if you are heavy-chested, so that the girls can stand and look ready! Laughing as I type! I went with the same size bottom, so that my cheeks won’t be hanging out. Overall the swimsuit is a perfect size, nice fit, and very comfortable and fashionably. If you’re looking for great swimsuits head over to Forever21plus .

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 

Navy Yard Shoot-017


Navy Yard Shoot-021


Navy Yard Shoot-018


Navy Yard Shoot-023


Navy Yard Shoot-012


Navy Yard Shoot-008


Navy Yard Shoot-013


Navy Yard Shoot-009


Navy Yard Shoot-122






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