Reading Terminal

Aye Summer! Summer has been in full effect for a month now and the heat isn letting up no time soon! I am not a “big” fan of summer because of the heat, but I can’t let theses good days go bye without exploring the city of brotherly love!

Philly Shoot-6752

I had the opportunity to visit Reading Terminal in Pennsylvania and it was remarkable great. They had all type of food from pull bar-B-Que pork to some freshly made ice cream. Yes, it was a little bit over bearing for me, but the atmosphere was great and choices of so many things to eat and buy were phenomenal.

Dressing the part was a no brainier. I wore an off the shoulder white embroidery jeans top that flow at the waist area. The top is very light and comfortable. It is very fitting in the upper chest area. I wanted to keep the jeans flowing so, I wore boyfriend jeans with brown and jeans sandal. The whole outfit was under $25 at Rainbow Shops .

Heading to any shops during this blistering heat, check out Rainbow Shops where you’re sure to look fashionably at a low cost.

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 

Philly Shoot-6725


Philly Shoot-6738


Philly Shoot-6706


Philly Shoot-6761


Philly Shoot-6709


Philly Shoot-6744


Philly Shoot-6728


Philly Shoot-6743

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