A Fashion Romper

Summer is in full swing with full of activities and fashion. Who wouldn’t want to look good going to the family’s cookout, the state fair, brunch with the girls? Of course almost all women want to. Finding that special outfit that will make you feel cool during the heat, but look fashionably all at the same time can be difficult. Have nor fear, rompers are a great summer style outfit to run too.

Rompers are the cousins to dresses. It gives the flow of a dress of being free, but adds a short feel all in one. Rompers are a great summer style for the season. Rompers come in much different style, from halter-tops, off the shoulder, skinny straps, peplum, and so much more. Rompers are great during the hot season.

Many women do not like to wear rompers because it accentuates an area of the body we sometimes don’t want to stand out, so we wear shorts and top.

The romper that I am wearing is an easy flow! Christina Stained Class Print Romper

that was an awesome piece I have collected. The navy blue neckline is an easy snap on that circulates the neck. The romper’s top is off the shoulder that has a flare top that gives the romper a 3D effect. The romper comes with a navy blue tie-belt that can be made into a bow and place to the side or the front. The romper colors are nicely printed to mimic a stained-still class and much say. “Job-well!”

Don’t be afraid and wear that special romper! Embrace your style! (Link(s) below)

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photography by: 11View












Romper Wedges Summer Hat

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