Summer Bright

Yellow for summer can’t get any brighter! Summer is truly a season full of fashion of bright clothes! Wearing bright colors can make any moods and stress day feel great fashionably!

This beautiful, yellow embroider printed dress is light and airy for the summer season. The drawstring, bell arms give it that vintage style look. The dress falls nicely and clings a little to the waistline. The lining inside the dress doesn’t rub against the body, but flow easy when moving. The dress can be worn nicely with any pop of color to compare the dress and the added items. I added fuchsia because not only is bright, but it stands our on its own giving each other the perfect color touch!

I love a versatile dress. This dress isn’t afraid to be in any setting! Details on the outfit are below! 

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photography by: Lakiesha Thomas












Dress Purse Heels

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