Summer Black Soft

We’ve heard the cliché’, “…don’t wear black during the summer…” and yes, there is some truth to it. BUT!! It all depends on the material.

This soft, ebony dress from Ross is a easy breeze summer girl! It’s light, accentuates the waist line perfectly, and flares out nicely! Yes, the dress is thinner than most dresses. The material is cotton, but very delicate and light. It’s almost having little to nothing on. I would not wear a shaper because it will show through. When wearing a bra that is heavily decorative or printed, I’ll wear a sports bra that will make the top a smooth feel. You can by a value pack at Wal-Mart, very inexpensive. I kept the accessories very simple. This dress came with a long golden necklace and with a diamond place in the front.

The dress can be worn almost anywhere during hot days! You can dress it up or down. It looks great with any sandals, heels, what the heart desires. I would wear a jacket to give it that sporty look. A light sweater for the evening touch will add a color and a different look. Many ways you can mix and match this soft black dress.

Yes, this dress will be worn again!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 

Philly Shoot-6633


Philly Shoot-6621


Philly Shoot-6604


Philly Shoot-6614


Philly Shoot-6634


Philly Shoot-6605

Guess Bag Black Dress

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