First Time at TCF Style Expo

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Are you wondering what to do at the expo? Me too! I have so many jitters! I have so much expectation! I am so excited to meet other bloggers, people who share the same interest, and hopefully gain more friendship with other successful ladies. I know this year TCF Style Expo will be epic!

Here are some things, as a first time blogger attending the TCF Style Expo you may want to consider?Untitled design (2)

What to expect?: Expect greatness! Expect fun! I don’t know much of what to expect, but I’ll set myself up knowing that it will something great. Meeting people of all shapes and color who share the same platforms, speakers who are going to share their expertise of blogging, branding, networking , and more. I know I’ll be expecting new friendships. Mingling with people who have something to share about how they started blogging, how they ended up to where they are, and just being grateful of each other successful I’ll be learning so much knowledge as a blogger that it isn’t nothing but success is the greatest thing I’ll see.

Greeting: If this is your first time, be willing to talk to people outside of your niche of friends, if you have friends coming with you! Meeting new people can broadened your horizon of networking and it can build lasting relationships. This is my first time and hoping to meet as many new people there. 

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The Vendors: Can’t tell you who are the vendors, but I know there’ll be some awesome boutiques and merchants. I am so glad to see so many vendors, new and old, chic and classy, big a small, and more. Vendors are great people to shop from. Why? They offer the most unique clothing, jewels, heads wraps, shoes, and more. Their clothing pieces are so unique and alluring little to some having the same piece as you. NO SHADE to other plus size brands! I love for you all too!

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Being in Atlanta: UGH! BEAUTIFUL! If you never been to Atlanta, you’ll be amazed! It is Disney World for adults. If you’re a blogger and/or vlogger you would want to do some sight seeing! You want to add some time in your schedule if may. When you’re out you’ll want to take so many great fashion and life pictures of such great city. We all know Atlanta is an alluring place of greatness! It is a city where Love and Hip Hop operates (My ratchet life)! Housewives of Atlanta film, my go to show, I love it!

Dressing: Where clothing that highlights you! Make you feel comfortable. Be ready to explain where your clothes come from.Untitled design (7)

Just be ready: Head over to my girl’s blog Ashley. It gives you some great tips and some needed essentials on what to bring to the expo. You’ll need an emergency bag. Going to other expos, blogger events, and more, you’ll need certain items to keep you going, so please do read her tips and on how to stay abreast!

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Hope this help! Well, if it’s your first time, you’re not alone! It is mines too and look forward meeting you! TCF Style Expo here we come…!


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