Golden Pant

The “Golden Pants”! I am not a big fan of pants because sometimes it is hard to find that special pair that will clash with my thighs. Well, I have to say I know found a friend in Eloquii versatile and colorful pants.

I wanted something bright for the summer season. I went for the golden or yellow pants and when trying them on it was a match-made in heaven! The pants are a perfect length! I am wearing a size 20 only because of my thighs are a little fuller. It doesn’t bulk in the front, where you have to constantly drag down in the front. It’s a nice fit in the back. The pants speak volume in any situation. It is very flattering and fit and the quality is all worth it. The durable of pants will last a long time and the vibrant color. Great money choice! It is nice to have a pair of pants that can go from work to happy hour. I will be purchasing more pants in different colors.

I paired the pant with the Tie-Neck Peplum. The contrast of the blue top highlights the Kady pants very well. The silhouette peplum top flares out nicely around above the waistline. I added a hint of crimson to spark a spunk in the color skim!

My girls are also pictured in unique and versatile outfits that are perfect for a picnic, brunch, or date with bae. Happy Summer Fashion fun! (link below)

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 

District Queens-6347


District Queens-6355


District Queens-6385


District Queens-6358


District Queens-6439


District Queens-6416


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