The American Dress

We all know it’s that time of year again! It’s cookout, fireworks, and gathering of great family and friend’s time! I love this season because you can showcase the world’s greatest colors (my opinion/fact) and they speak volume. USA colors, patriotic colors,  American colors, The Land of the Free colors, red, white and blue colors; however, you make your statement of such colors, in all they speak volume! They speak Happy Fourth of July!

I’ll be showcasing a few outfits of my liking and how they dress them for this year fourth of July season. I am wearing a patriotic, knee length, scuba material dress from Dress. This dress is a little fancy for one, but it can be worn to many informal events, such as dinner with bae, brunch with the girls, or church. You would want to have a versatile garment where you can get more from out of your dividends.

I chose this dress, not only for it’s colors, but the quarter length arm sleeves and it sass and style. It gives that bodycon look, but not too much where you have to add garments to simmer it down. This dress is perfect for the fourth and many more holidays to come. (Link is above)

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 

Philly Shoot-6345


Philly Shoot-6329


Philly Shoot-6352


Philly Shoot-6356


Philly Shoot-6376


Philly Shoot-6360

Philly Shoot-6346


Philly Shoot-6371


Philly Shoot-6347


Philly Shoot-6348


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