Summer Bucket List

Summer has officially begun! I am out of school for 37 days until I return back to work officially!

Many do not know and if you do, well some do not know that I have been teaching for over eleven years! Congrats to ME! Still going…thank GOD!

Ever since I’ve started teaching I have worked summer school every summer for extra money. Who wouldn’t want extra money? This summer I am not working summer school because they haven’t offered summer school to the kids. WHY? The jury is still out on that!

enJOYCurves (1)Well, I here are some things I would like to conquer before summer is out! In no particular order its just my Summer Bucket list I want to do and complete! Here Goes:

  • Make summer salads…any choices send them my way!
  • Go to the Farmers Market at least three times this summer if needs be
  • Go to the African American Museum
  • Exercise regular…simple, but easy for “me!”
  • Relax
  • Read the bible in depth
  • Go to two water parks
  • Attend the TCF Style Expo
  • Start a children book and hopefully complete it by the winter
  • Do two volunteer service
  • Get at least three massages
  • Come up with my blog logo
  • Travel
  • Watch fireworks
  • Eat Gelato ice cream

What is own your summer bucket list? Please do share and there will be a review once I return to work! I am so excited to share the end results!

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