Dainty Lady

What girl wouldn’t want to feel dainty at times? Okay, probably a small amount wouldn’t, but majority of us YES!

This dress speaks dainty! When wearing this dress many would ask where did you get this dress! I know for sure!

I am wearing the Structured Bow Dress. It conforms to my body well. I am wearing a size 18 and it is a non-stretched material. If you claim a certain size and want more movement I would size up once, not too much. The color is immaculate and compliments my skin well. The bow and the silhouette form of the dress really give the dress volume and conversation piece.

I didn’t want to add too much to the dress because it speaks for itself. I complimented the dress with a navy, 3D floral clutch and red peep toe heels.

The dress is very versatile in wanting to attend any engagement. It is perfect for a semi-formal event, a brunch with the girls, or a special date with bae! (Links Below)

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 

Philly Shoot-6244


Philly Shoot-6184


Philly Shoot-6213


Philly Shoot-6203


Philly Shoot-6181


Philly Shoot-6189


Philly Shoot-6192


Philly Shoot-6223


Philly Shoot-6196


Philly Shoot-6252


Philly Shoot-6224


Philly Shoot-6241


Philly Shoot-6187

Dress Clutch

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