Rest, Relax, and Reflect

As a blogger you’re on the go and you will go till no end. Well, this weekend I have come to a point where I will stop and relax for me!

First I will rest. Resting is hard. When you’re laying down or just stopping what you are doing your mind is still ticking with things to do, what social media I should use or check, and what event or appointments is to come. Yes it is hard, but I manage to lay still and pretend to block it all out and finally my mind succumb to my wishes.

Resting is hard if we don’t practice it daily!

Next, is relax! Relax is just allowing the body to lay with no expectations. I had to relax. I shut off the television, turned off my phone, and wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb me at any cost. I BELIEVE I mastered that immediately! I just slept and allow my body to lifeless (which I think) because I was asleep. I got some good rest!

Last, reflect! Reflecting allowed me to shut my body down and owning some JOY time. Reflecting permits me not to run my self-crazy. Yes, going to the doctor and getting a clean bill is awesome, but if I don’t reflect on how I stayed that way eventually I can cause damage along the way!

As a blogger of any kind remember to always never leave YOU out of the equation, because without self care and self knowing you can hurt the most important person, which is YOU!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 

Philly Shoot-6390


Philly Shoot-6408


Philly Shoot-6389


Philly Shoot-6399

Philly Shoot-6383


Philly Shoot-6413


Philly Shoot-6408


Philly Shoot-6414

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