My Blog Life for Two Years

Philly Shoot-6580


WOW! Happpy BLOGGING anniversary to me!

First, I want to thank God, for allowing me to continue even when some days were harder than others. I pray that I can continue and be a beacon light for so many people who can see that if I can do it they can too!

When I started this venture, I had an idea of what I was doing, but not to the magnitude now. I’ve met many great women who love for blogging has showed and courage me to push myself to so many avenues and adventure.

A little of how I’ve taking the deep plunge into blogging. Two years ago, I was in my class (yes, I am teacher) and have said to several of my friends I want to blog about “fashion.” Like many true friends, they were encouraging and wanted me to take this nose-dive into “blogging.” I was fearful a lot, because the “WORLD” would see my pictures, my blog, and my everything. I felt scared!

I have been working on this first post for a while and was scared to submit it. I was working on this uno post for three weeks. Now, it takes me a few hours or less. Wow, how time has change!

While it was the end of the school year, I only had a few students in the class and I was looking and contemplating should I submit. So many wonders were going through my stomach. Well, someone called me from my computer and all of sudden my finger hit submit. Yes, I could have erased the post, but GOD said, “NO!”

Today, I share with the world my love, my friend, my outlet, and my new adventure!

Blogging has become a new passion of an outlet. I now have friends I can call that will help me to succeed to any next step. I have great support groups who encourages me to go further. I am now more of a role model for girls and women in my community. I have actually met brands that want to work with me. (Tearing as I type) I have gone to few states and met women who loves surpasses mine that one can’t even imagine!

I pray that I continue and do bigger and brighter things with this thing call BLOGGING! LOVE YOU ALL WHO SUPPORT IS COUNTLESS!


Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin

Philly Shoot-6527


Philly Shoot-6531


Philly Shoot-6520


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Philly Shoot-6543


Philly Shoot-6586


Philly Shoot-6565


Skirt / Top / Shoes

Skirt is from a consignment shop and I have added a similar place where you can purchase one!

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