Ebony Floral


National Gallery of Art-012

I love spring! It is a time of the year where everything is reborn! Everything comes alive with a new beginning. Everything (people, animal, and nature) has a second chance. Life brings on a new meaning! Every time I take pictures of my clothes, that is how I feel. I am coming alive again and again!

Lately I have been obsessed with two designers. Elloquii and Target, who shows woman with curves some fashionably love! Their clothing is very stylish and womanly fitting. I love it when I have a chance to explore virtually or in person. They get a woman’s fashion from head to toe.

I love floral print. This ebony, floral print dress is made form scuba material. It is true to size and form fitting. So if you’re one size, you may want to size up if you do not want it to be too form fitting. The bell arms are eye-catching and drops quarter-length of your hand.

This dress is very versatile and can be worn to many places. Remember when your shopping you will want more from your closet and this dress is it. Link below!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin

National Gallery of Art-018


National Gallery of Art-002


National Gallery of Art-047

The journey I have came through and going is has been tremulously fun and amazing! Can’t wait to see what God has for me!

National Gallery of Art-014


National Gallery of Art-023

Even statues are amazed of how I look!

National Gallery of Art-043

Details are everything!

National Gallery of Art-037




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