Standing Tall

When life seems to cause you heartache and pain, sometimes you just got to stand tall, hold your head up, and walk with strength and power. I know being a curvy girl isn’t easy, but you can be powerful in so many ways that the “naysayers” will have nothing but positive things to say.

I love shopping from many designers because it gives you a different aspect on different clothing and styles. This scuba ocean color dress is a nice fit for any occasion. The dress comes a few inches above my knee. It has pockets that are a winner. I love the material! Scuba material is very defined and soft and it looks really nice! Links below!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photography by: KCphotography86

National Gallery of Art-079


National Gallery of Art-103

How cute is nature and I? These flowers are truly a show stopper and makes spring looks fabulous.


National Gallery of Art-120

When it is just you and the world, you pose and look fashionably!


National Gallery of Art-136

Walking with a purpose!

National Gallery of Art-109


National Gallery of Art-091


National Gallery of Art-123

heels dress

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