No Jail Time Romper

When beauty stands, it can stand ALONE! This black and white horizontal and vertical romper is a match made in heaven for a curvy girl like myself. This scuba material is a wonder for a great day with bae!

It’s very classic and embellish top is 3D and very eye catching. The top has three outliner that flares out and cross over the shoulder. I wore simple black and red heels to showcase the color pop and same color to show contrast and comparison. This romper needed not much of any jewelry for it can stand alone…truly stand alone.

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photography by: KCphotography86

(Links Below)

Joy Brookland & K St-122


Joy Brookland & K St-142


Joy Brookland & K St-132


Joy Brookland & K St-137


Joy Brookland & K St-120


Joy Brookland & K St-109


Joy Brookland & K St-119


Joy Brookland & K St-113


Joy Brookland & K St-148


Joy Brookland & K St-144


Joy Brookland & K St-104


Joy Brookland & K St-117

Heels clutch

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