Pineapple Greatness

Life is airy and springy! Ever wanting to eat pastries on a cool, spring day in a fashionable dress? Ever wanting to walk the sandy beaches in a summer dress that just flows with the summer breeze? Well, look no more! This beautiful dress will have you in awe! This beautiful pineapple, strip dress is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. This is truly no fuss dress! I LOVE the contrast of the dark navy blue and pink stripes that highlights the pineapple print. The dress comes with a belt that can be tied side, back, or front to make it more versatile in looks. I wore navy sandals with gold chains attached and blue jeans to make the look more fun. (Link at the Bottom)

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photography by: KCphotography86

National Gallery of Art-202


National Gallery of Art-164


National Gallery of Art-192


National Gallery of Art-172


National Gallery of Art-153


National Gallery of Art-184


National Gallery of Art-168



National Gallery of Art-219

Dress/Bag/ Sandals

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