Beauty Is Only Blue Deep

Beauty is only “BLUE” deep! Loving the waves in the dress, loving the vibrant color, loving the length, and what is not to love about this beauty!

I purchased this dress from ROSS and when we made eye contact it was a must have! This dress is almost appropriate for any formal engagement. It speaks its own language and carries it own style. The dress was very inexpensive!

I wore a cotton feel, blue and white heels from GOJANE. The dress and shoes made a perfect match from heaven. You can mix and match heels with the dress, but the linear of the color only made it worth wanting to have! GO BLUE! Fashionably!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photography by: KCphotography86

Dress: ROSS // Clutch: Consignment Shop//Heels: GOJANE

Joy Brookland & K St-088


Joy Brookland & K St-077


Joy Brookland & K St-059


Joy Brookland & K St-085


Joy Brookland & K St-098


Joy Brookland & K St-079


Joy Brookland & K St-064

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