Beauty in Black

“Wear black because it slims you down…” “Can’t go wrong with black…” Yes, we heard all the cliché’ before and to some degree of wearing black, I believe they are true depending your mood and action of the day. Regardless of how I feel I will wear black and be determine to look good in it! I LOVE wearing bodycons, for it showcase the lining of the body very nicely. Because my body is perfectly made!

This silhouette ebony dress from Ashley Stewart is a showstopper from any angle. It just makes me feel fabulous and thick! The top of the dress is very smooth and soft until to go waistline. The bottom of the dress is ruch and clings the bottom and thighs very well. I added this long-length sheer skirt to give more to the dress and add more to our clothing. I kept the accessories simple, by adding an elaborate, rose look pearl necklace.

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photography by: KCphotopgraphy

Dress: Ashley Stewart // Skirt: Burlington//Heels: Gojane

Joy Brookland & K St-013

Joy Brookland & K St-008

Joy Brookland & K St-020

Joy Brookland & K St-011

Joy Brookland & K St-047

Joy Brookland & K St-030

Joy Brookland & K St-027

Joy Brookland & K St-026

Joy Brookland & K St-040

Joy Brookland & K St-049

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