Ever wanted just to view your hometown and see why so many tourists flock to your city? Well, I did and wanted to know what this “excursion-hype” was all about.

I rented a FIAT USA Soul. The color was by luck! I am happy that I got this bright, tangerine color that lit up the road when passing through the city.

This car may be “small-big” but it packs a lot of room inside. The interior is charcoal-smoke color. It is an automatic and the brakes automatically come on when you turn the car off, which is a plus! Everything is accessible by wheel. You have a GPS monitor screen that comes on when reversing. The ride is very smooth. FIAT seats are adjustable and comfortable to your liking. This car is very smooth and easy to understand if you never worked a car to its capacity.

The time that I had the car was remarkably great. I live in the Nation’s Capital and there is so much to see and do. First, I drove down Pennsylvania Ave to catch a glimpse of the beautiful structure buildings. Came up on Constitution Ave and sight see a few of the amazing Smithsonian buildings. Later, I parked and had lunch next to the car. Then, I drove around and was at awe with all the beautiful artwork that captured my eyes. This is truly a beautiful city! Happy Staycation!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photography by: Sharonda Newsome








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