Halter One-Piece Jumpsuit

Yes, curvy girls can wear halter-top jumpsuit…TOO! Please never think because you’re bust area is big you can’t wear things. Yes, you’ll need the proper under garment, but if it’s made in your size why not wear it! Remember love you and never let anyone deterred you away from “real curvy fashion!”

I just love this halter one-piece jumpsuit that was at a very low cost. This jumpsuit clings perfectly around my bust area and holds up very well in the back. This navy blue and burnt orange abstract one-piece jumpsuit is very lightweight. The top is elastic and can strength to fit the girls properly. The bottom is open wide. This jumpsuit requires a little to no accessories to deem this to be a great jumpsuit. I wore it with a pair of comfy wedges that highlights the bottom more. What makes this outfit even greater is that it only cost $7.99. WONDERFUL!

Remember always stay fit, curvy, and fashionable!

Jumpsuit: Ross// Wedge: Ashley Stewart//Clutch: Burlington Coat Factory










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