I’ve never been a fan f H&M until I went to an Outlet in Maryland and my good friend Erica said, “Do you want to go into H&M?” I must admit I was a little reluctant because in my micro mind I just knew they didn’t carry plus size items. UNTIL…we went in and I saw so many nice tops, pants, dresses and etc. that was a must have! I purchased this strip blue and white, quarter-length top that fits perfectly. I love the top because it can be worn with so many bottoms and mix and match and style to choose from. I paired it with some jeans shorts. I found a pair of red shoes that gave the outfit a nautical look and must say the shoes are comfortable. Since it’s supposed to be a light day I love to pair my style with clutches. The front of the clutch is all a girl must-have. This outfit is perfect for walks and casual moments and or outings.

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

A BIG THANKS to Ericka Jennings-Taylor Photography 

Top and Shoes: H&M// Clutch: Consignment Shop








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