Love Sees No Colors

{(Disclaimer) Love is a verb! It is an action word! A little lesson on what love is and do.} I told myself that my blog would only be about my fashion life style and what I critique as I enjoy my God giving life through this journey. BUT! I have been single for some time now, there I said it to all who wanted and care to know, and this journey has been great! Yes, I have been on dates and explore many opportunities, but being single has its ups and downs. More like ups if you choose to live….LIFE!


First, being single allow you and God to connect and really see the benefits of you enjoying His ways of life. Staying in tune with all the great things about your self. In order to love, you need to learn to love yourself before brining in a companion. Get involve in a church, involve yourself around other single people who share the same interests. Being involved helps to stay current what is happening around your community and keep you out of loneliness, depression, and defeat!

Second, take yourself on dates. SO WHO CARES IF YOU’RE BY YOURSLEF! No one knows your funds better than you, but you. Go to the movies, boat ride, buy flowers for yourself, eat at that fancy restaurant, get dress and have a drink and go home, relax with Netflix and popcorn, take a bike ride, and enjoy life. Too many single people slump their life away waiting on a companion hoping it will change their life, but that is not what God wants you to do…HE wants you to enjoy life. Life is far greater than sitting around waiting on that person.


Last, realize what you have. You have you, so please love and take care of you. Don’t eat your life away, exercise, eat healthy, drink lots of water, go to the doctor(s), and be happy even in trying times. You are your own PR, so present yourself for the good and speak life in your life. Existence is far greater than being dead! I know its hard to see happy relationship and you wonder, “why God?”, but look at what you have. You can sleep late, cook your own breakfast, and exercise at your time, and just plainly do you!

Please do share you life of being single and how do you cope with life.

This page is dedicated to all that see love, without any colors!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

A BIG THANKS to Michele Miller Photography

Dress/Heels: Burlington Coat Factory //Clutch: Gift





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