An Animal in Heat

Me loving me a must in life! I must make a confession about my life. I have always been a plus size woman and has never been in any situation where defeat was at my wits end. I’ve always praised me and love me because I am God’s own work and He doesn’t make any mess, so love you! You’re your own cheerleader, so praise you and appreciate all the flaws, disappointments, and all that is to come. Being plus, big, fat whatever adjectives you want to call the body type, your God’s design, so love you and move on! If no one has every told you, I am telling you that you’re beautiful and unique. Live life to the fullest Love!

This animal in heat is hot! This summer season is not playing! A girl must take a dive to cool off once in awhile. This two-piece is form fitting for a curvy like myself. The top is very supportive and holds the “girls” up nicely. The top can be worn two ways with the strap worn in the back or around the neck. I love to wear it behind my back because it holds me up nicely and give off that 50’s look! The bottom is high-waist to hide any spillage around the waist. If you’re looking for two-pieces for to beat the summer heat, well look no more Forerver21Plus is your go to shop!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

A BIG THANKS to Ericka Jennings-Taylor Photography 

Swimwear: Forever21 Plus // Jewelry: Ashley Stewart








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