Splish Splash One-Piece

It is the summer and it is time for the summer bathing suits to take flight on the diving board! I live to wear different designers swimsuits. The design, the colors, the detail all in the swimsuits makes fashion in the water look incredible fashionably. This swimsuit hugs you nice and firm around the waistline to bring in any extra sexy you don’t want to be shaken or visible to the eyes. This one-piece plunge top is design with black and white stripes with adjustable spaghetti stapes that conforms to your liking. The abdominal area has a peek-boo that pops right before you get to the charcoal, satin black bottom that fits around the handle perfectly. Remember never let your shape or man’s opinion define who you are. Happy Splish Splash!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

A BIG THANKS to Ericka Jennings-Taylor Photography 

Swimwear: Forever21 Plus // Jewelry: Burlington Coat Factory 








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