Satin Ebony

It is summer YEAHHHH! I am a fan of the summer because of the light clothing you can wear, but not a fan of the heat. I am a curvy girl and I love every part of me and all of me! Wearing this dashing, black, satin swimwear is fashionably cute to the beach, pool, or any swim party. This swimwear is an old bathing suit, but I just love the fit of it and had to showcase its look. The top clings and hugs the girls’ perfect and the distressed sides are a nice cut with sheer fabric inside to show a little skin. This lovely, ebony swimwear is an awesome fit for almost any curvy girl!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

A BIG THANKS to Ericka Jennings-Taylor Photography 

Swimwear: Forever21 Plus // Jewelry: Burlington Coat Factory 






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