Working in the Jungle

DSC_0640 I had an awesome time this weekend and hate to see it go bye-bye, but all must come to an end. I am tackling this workweek with a fierce look, but comfort. Who doesn’t like comfort! I am wearing simple charcoal tights with an olive, button up top that is very shear and light to handle the workday and the heat wave. I paired it with an animal print to add flare and sass. This is a perfect outfit that can play a dual role from work to happy hour. The heels aren’t that very high, but high enough to get many attentions to the fashion wear. Needing something comfortable, but with flare and vivacious well tights are sure the go to outfit for the work place and beat the heat wave.

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

A BIG THANKS to Michele Miller Photography

Tights: Rainbow Fashion //Top: Gift// Clutch: Fashion to Figure 






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