Oh So Pretty

Aren’t you so glad when you can find a maxi dress that fits so pretty and elegantly all at the same time? Well, I did! This versatile, maxi dress from Fashion to Figure can be worn in almost any setting. Who wouldn’t love a dress that can play many roles? This dress has a slight plunge that is lined with a simple twist in the front. The dress cuffs the breast area very well; accentuating the waist and allowing the dress to fall gracefully. The dress comes in many colors, but I love teal, for it brightens the room and speaks volume alone. I am 5’6 so the dress does touch the ground, but I love wearing heels. I am wearing an inch heel just to show the fall of the dress and how beautiful it looks when it falls like a gown. This dress can be worn with a jean jacket to play the dress down or a nicely color combination shawl that will enhance the dress very well. The dress is perfect for the beach, a walk on cool night with bae, and/or just hanging out with friends. I will be wearing this fashionable, curvy dress very soon and can’t wait to share the experience!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

A BIG THANKS to Michele Miller Photography

Dress: Fashion to Figure // Clutch: Ashley Stewart // Necklace: Macy //Heels: Payless












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