Simply As Life Is

Keepin’ life simply sometimes can be a great thing! I wanted to sport an outfit that shows simple and casual, but still looks fashionably. Sporting this floral, pink and orange top from Avenue Plus is very fashionable and free. The top has skinny straps, but can be worn with a camouflage under garment. The top can be worn with almost any bottom of choice, but I wore it with a pair of Fashion to Figure charcoal jeans that are the coolest fitting jeans ever. The jeans allow the top to flare out and both compliment one another very well. I match the outfit with pink sandals and pink accessories to highlight the world’s favorite color…pink! This outfit is perfect for an outing with the gals or with your “man crush!” Going simply is great!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

A BIG THANKS to Ericka Jennings-Taylor Photography 

Pants: Fashion to Figure // Top: Avenue Plus // Sandals: Rainbow Fashion 








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