Looks Are Deceiving


I love a cool, fitted-knitted dress that clings to the curves perfectly. This dress is all that and more. This asymmetrical dress can be a little deceiving because so many have thought the dress was a wrap skirt and in reality realize the dress was made to flare out, giving it that “wrap look”. The dress is prefect for any outing with bae or with the gals. The asymmetrical dress flows right below my knee. It is form fitting down to the waistline and flares out to give it that A-line look. The top is charcoal black and the bottom is a tricolor of white, turquoise and pink. You will not be disappointed when wearing this dress.

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

A BIG THANKS to Ericka Jennings-Taylor Photography 

Dress: Avenue// Purse: Consignment Shop // Heels: Burlington Coat Factory












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